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The small moments become the ones you remember. I would love to capture those for you and turn them into art that you get to cherish forever. Life is beautiful and the moments deserved to be remembered.

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I'm here to help bring your visions to life, to capture those intimate moments. I notice the details and romanticize life. My work captures how it feels. 

documenting the effortless, everyday magic worldwide.

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One-Off Custom Luxury Fashion Branding Session


I got the chance to capture some lifestyle photos for my friend, Nick.

One-Off is a luxury fashion brand that creates from scratch one of a kind curated pieces from Nicholas Guy.

In my opinion, the clothes that Nick creates are truly so creative and one of a kind, it’s like wearing a piece of art. Art is an expression and that is also how I look at fashion. You can choose what kind of art you want to piece together.

Nick steered away from mainstream culture where people may tend to follow trends or do what other people are doing, making One-Off truly unique.

In the beginning of 2020, Nick started his own clothing brand. His main goal was to make original garments, with specific details that will differ from any other clothing brand. He said that the road up to that point is all about learning the process.

Nick thinks there will always be a void in the fashion industry, hoping that One-Off can fill that void for other people.

To check out more of his art: https://www.1-off.xyz/

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