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The small moments become the ones you remember. I would love to capture those for you and turn them into art that you get to cherish forever. Life is beautiful and the moments deserved to be remembered.

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I'm here to help bring your visions to life, to capture those intimate moments. I notice the details and romanticize life. My work captures how it feels. 

documenting the effortless, everyday magic worldwide.

you can call me chelsae

Clara & Miss Mia Zadora Sunset Shoot Norway, Michigan


Clara and Mia have a special type of relationship.

Clara is my best friend and Mia is her fur baby. Mia was gifted to my best friend by her Momma, a year before her Mom had passed away. I see Mia as a symbol of love from Clara’s mom, Sara, to her daughter Clara.

Mia Zadora shares a birthday with my son, July 28th.

This past summer in Norway, Michigan we make it a regular thing to make sure we get a session in with Clara and Mia in the summer fields of Norway. We had a blast despite the insane amount of mosquitos, we made the best memories and laughs along the way, like we usually do!

Love you both so much!!

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